Chris Galliers

Chris joined Project Rhino as the Coordinator in 2017, which includes management and strategic oversight of the organisation. He brings a wealth of conservation experience to the Project Rhino collaborative, with more than two decades of commitment to the management of Wildlife and Conservation Initiatives. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Science and Certificate in Business Management.

In addition to his work at Project Rhino, Chris is a Conservation Manager for the NGO, Conservation Outcomes. He is the current Chairman of the Game Rangers Association of Africa (volunteer) and represents the organisation’s 1500 members from 20 African countries in a range of different fora. He is also the African Representative for the International Ranger Federation (IRF) and a Director and elected representative for the International Ranger Federation Committee on The Thin Green Line, an Australian based NPO which is the fundraising arm of the International Ranger Federation.

Chris is married with two children and lives in Pietermaritzburg.