Project Rhino Members

Project Rhino’s members have awide range of rhino conservation and anti-poaching strategies, with each member focusing on their specific areas of expertise. In addition, each member collaborates with a diverse range of conservation specialists and anti-poaching authorities.  Each and every one is needed if we are going to turn the poaching tide in KZN and each initiative requires funding.


  1. & Beyond* (Phinda Private Game Reserve)
  2. African Conservation Trust* (ACT)
  3. Babanango Game Reserve
  4. Black Rhino Range Expansion Project* (WWF)
  5. Conservation Outcomes
  6. Earth Organization*
  7. Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)
  8. Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife* (EKZNW)
  9. Ezemvelo Honorary Officers
  10. Game Rangers Association of South Africa*
  11. HAWKS* (Directorate for priority crime investigation)
  12. KwaZulu Private Game Reserve
  13. Magqubu Ntombela Foundation*
  14. Manyoni Private Game Reserve* (Previously Zululand Rhino Reserve)
  15. Midlands Wildlife Security Initiative*
  16. Mpeti Game Reserve
  17. Nambiti Big 5 Game Reserve
  18. Pongola Game Reserve
  19. SATIB Insurance Brokers
  20. Somkhanda Game Reserve
  21. Space For Elephants Foundation*
  22. Thanda Foundation*
  23. Thanda Private Game Reserve*
  24. Trackbox (SA CAN)
  25. WESSA*
  26. Wilderness Action Group*
  27. Wilderness Foundation*
  28. Wilderness Leadership School
  29. WildTrust* (Wildlands Conservation Trust)
  30. Wildlife ACT Fund*
  31. Zulu Nyala Game Reserve
  32. Zululand Wildlife Security Initiative*

* Founding Member