World Youth Wildlife Summit

21 – 24 September 2019, Kruger National Park, South Africa

The World Youth Wildlife Summit brought together more than 165 youth, 20 adult chaperones (educators and community leaders), 35 conservation role models and 5 keynote speakers from the 21st – 24th September, to engage, empower, educate and equip the youth to become Ambassadors for Conservation and influencers to reduce wildlife crime.

The delegates were challenged during many hours of discussion and debate regarding the responsible use of wildlife resources, strategies for demand reduction, the link between poverty and poaching, habitat loss, and the role of education and awareness.

The conservation role models, and keynote speakers gave freely of their time to impart knowledge, answer questions and even provide career guidance, further motivating the youth to explore opportunities within the biodiversity economy.


To engage youth conservation leaders in wildlife conservation & protection strategies and empower delegates to become local, national and international Ambassadors for wildlife & conservation and influence policy at local, state, national and international levels.


  • To Empower…
    • Deepen the commitment to conservation amongst the youth, particularly for rhino and other endangered species
    • Enable youth to build and maintain a sustainable future for Wildlife and Biodiversity
  • To Engage…
    • Connect concerned youth with political, traditional, business and conservation leaders.
    • Connect stakeholders through collaborative global networks
    • Sign a World Youth Wildlife Declaration that is acknowledged by global bodies including the United Nations, IUCN and CITES
  • To Equip…
    • Provide toolkits, resources and support for the young leaders to use in their classrooms and communities
    • Develop social media platforms, facilitation and fundraising tools
  • To Educate…
    • Tomorrow’s leaders about the problems and issues around international wildlife crime, including an understanding of the social, economic and political impact.
    • Youth leaders to expose early youth (8 – 14) to educational and awareness campaigns

The World Youth Wildlife Summit builds on two successful summits initiated by Project Rhino and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation to showcase the passionate voices of the youth.

World Youth Wildlife Summit 2021 and Beyond…

Project Rhino will, with organising partners, once again host a World Youth Wildlife Summit in July 2021 at the Southern African Wildlife College. While there are plenty of environmental issues at hand, the Summit will retain a focus on the poaching and illegal trade of specific African species (terrestrial and marine) while addressing the underlying issues and potential solutions: responsible use, habitat loss, socio-economic factors and education and awareness.

The theme of the Summit will be ‘Empowering for Change’ and the programme, while similar to that of the previous event, will provide the youth with more time to express their ideas and questions as well as emphasise leadership tools and skills the youth can utilise in their post-summit pledges.

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Photo Book: Find out more about the 2019 World Youth Wildlife Summit in our photo book (low res version). Download the pdf here (12 MB)