The ACT GivenGain account is Project Rhino’s official online donation portal.  GivenGain is a secure method for donations from Mastercard and Visa account holders and international donations, and also allows donors the option to give to Project Rhino’s efforts on a regular basis with total control.  We receive instant notifications of every successful donation from GivenGain, which are transferred within 48 hours directly into the ACT Rhino Fund.

Official website:  GivenGain   Cause Name: African Conservation Trust   Project:  Project Rhino

Website Link:   Click on the big Red button ‘Donate Now’ and follow the prompts.   (NB: we do not receive actual bank account details of donors; those are completely secure.)


Account Name: ACT Rhino Fund

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)

Branch: Hayfields

Branch Code: 250655

Account No: 62742016018

SWIFT code: FIRNZAJJ (international donations only)

Deposit Reference: Please include your full name to help us accurately record your donation

Acknowledging your donation:

If you would like acknowledgement of your donation, please email proof of deposit to, along with your full name and contact details (email & telephone) so that Project Rhino can send you a letter of thanks and an 18A certificate.     If you have any questions or want further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The African Conservation Trust is registered with SARS as a Section 18A Public Benefit Organisation and donations to Project Rhino  via the ACT Rhino Fund and GivenGain are exempt from income tax.    If you require a Donations Certificate for your tax submissions, please send an email request to with your full name (personal or company) and physical address along with a copy of your donation receipt.  (Note this is only available to South African based donors).


South African Charity Trust Registration Number: IT2174/2000/PMB

Non-Profit Organisation Number: 030-243

SARS Public Benefit Organisation No: 930014758 (Section 18A & PBO tax exemption status)

IUCN Membership Number: NG/25190

USA Fund for Charities Registration No: AFC845


Project Rhino Coordinator:  c/o African Conservation Trust

Unit 18 Acacia Business Park, 73 Nguni Way, Waterfall, KZN

PO Box 310, Linkhills, 3652, South Africa

Email: /


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Donations are utilised directly for Project Rhino’s collectively approved anti-poaching and rhino conservation strategies, which include:

The Zululand Anti-Poaching Wing and Operations Centre at Hluhluwe Airfield (aerial surveillance, reaction support & security): provides support to 26 game reserves in northern KZN;

Anti-Poaching needs: skills training, equipment & resources for KZN game reserves, rangers and APU members; we provide direct support to 33 game reserves (both Ezemvelo and private) who are members of either the Zululand Wildlife Security Initiative or the Midlands Wildlife Security Initiative

Community Engagement, Education & Awareness: the ‘Rhino Art – let the Children’s Voices be Heard’ campaign run in conjunction with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation;

Legislation, Lobbying & Legal Action:  We are launching an urgent intervention to improve legal support for rangers & APUs engaging in armed conflict with poaching gangs, as well as improve criminal convictions of suspected rhino poachers by the KZN Judiciary;

Global Youth Movement Against Rhino Poaching and Wildlife Crime (an outcome of the 2014 World Youth Rhino Summit):  an online and school-based campaign where young people around the world speak out to draw attention to the crisis facing rhinos and other critically endangered species;

Zululand Wildlife Security Initiative and Midlands Wildlife Security Initiative: these are reserve-level networks that share information and resources to help each other;  we assist with logistical needs as well as maintaining relationships and accessing strategic-level expertise to assist them improve their security and anti-poaching efforts;

Cooperation at provincial, national and international levels amongst key stakeholders;

Additional support to Project Rhino members (rhino rehabilitation, extended aerial surveillance, additional/urgent security needs)