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Our grateful thanks and deepest gratitude to all our donors who have supported Project Rhino’s efforts this past financial year. 100% of your funding has been put to effective use in our key projects:

  • Your support has kept ZAP-Wing’s fixed-wing aircraft supporting 300,000+ HA of protected area and provided a critically-needed rhino security Operations Base at the Hluhluwe Airfield.
  • You have supported the brave men, horses and dogs of the K9 and equine units on the frontline, working to keep our rhino safe 24/7.
  • You have funded urgent dehorning projects to protect those rhino most at risk.
  • You have helped improve the skills and morale of rangers and anti-poaching units throughout KwaZulu-Natal and you have provided direct support to game reserves through the provision of equipment and other forms of support.
  • You helped us reach more than 600,000 children with an important conservation education message through the Rhino Art – Let Our Children’s Voices Be Heard campaign, and improved rural community/game reserve relations in high poaching risk areas at the same time.

The 2021 Financial Year

The Covid-19 outbreak completely devastated eco-tourism throughout the world and had far reaching consequences for all organisations working in the environmental and conservation sectors. Project Rhino has been forced to indefinitely postpone all our major fundraising campaigns, which typically cover a significant portion of our annual operating budget, and we remain under immense financial constraints to keep our projects running. This is far from ideal as it places rhino populations at risk and shatters morale. K9 teams, for example, cannot be stopped and started due to the intrinsic trust relationship that is built between a K9 and his/her handler.

We are most grateful to the following organisations who provided covid-relief funding over the 2020/2021 period; to keep Project Rhino up and running:

  • The Rhino Recovery Fund (administered through Wildlife Conservation Network) supported our ZAP-Wing and K9-Unit; as well as a small portion of coordination costs;
  • Tusk Trust, who supported our rangers in the field, including a contribution to the K9-Unit and ZAP-Wing projects through the Wildlife Ranger Challenge;
  • The Great Plains Foundation’s Project Ranger initiative supported the equine units in Spioenkop Game Reserve and Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park;
  • And Mr Price Sport, who raised more than R500,000 through the sale of their custom Project Rhino merchandise.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the uBhejane X Event and who joined in our Home Run 4 Rhinos under lockdown, helping to raise more than R20,000. Thank you also to our incredible corporate and Trust partners like CCI-South Africa, Tandem Tyres, Tanglewood Foundation NZ, Naviganti and One Plan Insurance for your ongoing support. As well as passionate entities like Acting 4 Rhinos, Rhino Tears, schools and game reserves for your generosity. Finally, thank you to everyone who supported our K9-Unit participating in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge and who donated via our online GlobalGiving and GivenGain pages.

The 2020 Financial Year

We had the most incredible support from volunteers, local and international donors, NGOs, corporates and schools, these include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Long-term corporate partner Mr Price Sport raised more than R346,000 for Project Rhino through the sale of their specially designed outdoor shirts and rhino merchandise.
  • Peter Eastwood and the Tanglewood Foundation NZ sponsored a new Rhino Art vehicle, so that Richard “Mahlembehlembe” Mabanga can continue to take his conservation message to communities across KZN.
  • Our incredible network of schools who organised civvies days, market days and fundraisers, as well as Eden Schools and Acting for Rhinos who raised R44,843 through their theatrical productions.
  • Riverleigh International Equestrian Centre who hosted an Equine Fancy Dress Musical Freestyle Festival on World Rhino Day and raised R52,000 for our projects.

All our efforts depend entirely on the support of generous donors. THANK YOU. In these tough economic times, your support means more than words can say. We can’t do it without you.
Please visit the Partners and Events pages for more information on Project Rhino’s key funding partners, fundraising campaigns & events.