Acting for Rhinos is an exciting project initiated by Eden College Durban and members of the Durban Theatre Community, to unite the Arts with Conservation. It empowers creative   South African and international school children and theatre practitioners to assist Project Rhino’s efforts to protect and conserve KwaZulu-Natal’s important white and black rhino   populations. Schools and other creative groups are challenged to donate at least R1.00 of     each ticket sold of any performance staged.

Acting for Rhinos school, theatre and artistic productions: * Eden College staged ‘Who Nose?’ at the Edinburgh Arts Festival * EWOK – the well-known Durban artist and actor painted an enormous mural at the Hilton Arts Festival in 2014 to raise funds and awareness for Acting for Rhinos. He also painted 100 rhinos to highlight the plight of rhinos in the world.

In 2014, Acting for Rhinos members raised R40,000 for the Fundimelo Rhino Orphanage at Thula Thula Game Reserve near Empangeni.

In 2015, the campaign raised a further R34,884 for Project Rhino’s Zululand Anti-Poaching Wing (ZAP-Wing), which provides aerial support to 26 game reserves and rhino security needs in northern KZN.

In 2016, a further R25 000 was raised.

In 2017, Acting for Rhinos raised R60 000.  With the recent spate of brutal killings of Rhinos and calves, we are inspired and fired up to raise much more in 2019.


Acting for Rhinos is not restricted to drama productions only. Artists, dancers and any other  creative group are encouraged to join and show their support. Once signed up, Acting for  Rhinos participants are allowed to display the ‘Acting for Rhinos’ logo on their posters and  promotional material. Regular updates are given on how the money is being utilised in Project Rhino’s key priorities and projects and Acting for Rhinos productions are showcased on Project Rhino’s social media sites.

If your school or artistic venture is interested in participating in this worthwhile campaign, please contact Eden College’s Jean van Elden on

Please visit the Acting for Rhinos Website for more information.