Chris Small

Chris’s life story can be told against a background of nature and the environment, from early childhood memories of Ugandan forests, to army experiences in Namibia which had enough positive impact to persuade him to delay university and work at Etosha after his army stint. Then on to farming after studying agriculture at Pietermartizburg university.  He took advantage of being outdoors to become an expert birder and canoeist, which reignited his passion for rivers and big white water. Leaving farming behind after 17 years, he joined his brother and a small group of friends to seek out the great rapids of the Nile in Uganda. They started a successful white water rafting company which is still operating 20 odd years later. Returning to South Africa after a couple of years in East Africa, he started a business in telephone and cell phone technology. This business grew and expanded and its success has enabled Chris to devote more time to his true calling – the preservation and protection of the environment. He was able to pursue his dream of flying a helicopter and soon acquired his own, which he now makes available for conservation projects. Chris can offer a variety of skills to Project Rhino and enjoys the time devoted to  any conservation activities.