Francois du Toit

Francois is the present CEO of the African Conservation Trust (ACT). ACT is the nominated secretariat of Project Rhino, hosting the dedicated bank account and assisting with fundraising, project operations (such as holding the lease for the Hluhluwe Airfield) and employment of key Project Rhino team members. Francois provides strategic oversight, serves as a Project Rhino ambassador and assists with fundraising and spreading awareness for the cause. He is also the Director of the World Youth Wildlife Summit.

Francois holds a B.Com in Marketing, Economics and Business Administration, a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), Pietermaritzburg, and a Diploma in Project Management.

Francois leads a dedicated team of professionals in the South African landscape and sees ACT and Project Rhino as key in developing sustainable use options benefitting all stakeholders and enabling viable enterprise development in the Biodiversity economy.

Francois serves on a number of other environmental and Black Empowerment trusts, has done extensive work in the wildlife economy, community development, food security, waste management and environmental sectors, and is a sought after speaker and facilitator.