Grant Fowlds

Grant Fowlds is a passionate Conservationist from a dedicated Rhino Family, who pioneered with others a wildlife project called Amakhala Game Reserve – now a leading Tourism brand based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. As an ambassador for Project Rhino and speaker, he has spread the word to an audience in several countries including consumer countries of South East Asia.

As an African linguist, Grant shares the vision of African Explorer Kingsley Holgate to reach one million youth in community conservation for rhino, elephants and gorillas as well as other endangered species in a simple art project in schools. He has been working in rural communities throughout Southern Africa in human wildlife conflict, demand reduction and alternate sources of income via tourism and building range expansion parks. Recently, as COVID-19 lockdowns continue to impact rural food security, he has driven the Feeding the Wildlife Communities humanitarian movement alongside environmental partners like Nkombe Rhino and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation.

Together with Graham Spence, Grant concluded a book about his experience titled, ‘Saving the Last Rhinos- the life of a Frontline Conservationist’ in 2019. A follow-up entitled, ‘Rewilding Africa: Restoring the Wilderness on a War-Ravaged Continent,’ is due for release in May 2022.