Prosecutions & Convictions

Successful arrests leading to prosecutions and convictions of rhino poaching gangs and syndicate kingpins are critical if we are to effectively thwart rhino poaching.

Project Rhino is assisting state-led enforcement efforts by petitioning for greater Judicial support, particularly for the establishment of a dedicated Wildlife and Environmental Crimes Court in KwaZulu-Natal.

Lobbying & Advocacy

There is no single ‘silver bullet’ to end the rhino poaching crisis: it is an incredibly complex challenge that needs a multitude of interventions and the involvement of a matrix of stakeholders at local, national, continental and international levels – government, law enforcement, conservation, business, tourism, local communities, the public, the media, international icons – to name a few.

Project Rhino maintains relationships with a network of major stakeholders at provincial, national and international levels, helping to facilitate connections and raise awareness of KZN’s battle to protect its rhino population. International conservation networks, church leaders, government ministers, business leaders, local celebrities and the media form part of the growing Project Rhino ‘circle of influence’.

  • Local Cooperation: maintaining good relationships between KZN’s provincial conservation agency, private and community-owned game reserves,  NGO's and fulfilling strategic needs.
  • National and International Cooperation: ongoing collaboration amongst key stakeholders that build strong networks and cooperation and channel further resources, support, technology and training opportunities;
  • Public Awareness & Media: continually growing and maintaining public support for KZN’s joint efforts to protect and conserve the province’s critical rhino population.

Additional support: special projects, specialised training seminars, events, campaigns and urgent security needs