Our grateful thanks and deepest gratitude to all our donors this past financial year who have supported Project Rhino KZN’s efforts to the tune of R2,114,549.10 to date (October 2018).

100% of your funding has been put to effective use in our key Priority areas and projects:
• Your support has kept ZAP-Wing’s fixed-wing aircraft flying for 26 game reserves, funded emergency helicopter reactions and provided a critically-needed Operations Base at the Hluhluwe Airfield for law enforcement & rhino security operations in northern KZN.
• You have helped improve the skills and morale of rangers and anti-poaching units throughout KwaZulu-Natal and you have provided direct support to game reserves through the provision of equipment and other forms of support.
• You helped us reach 50,000 children (to date this year, October 2018) with an important conservation education message through the
Rhino Art – Let Our Children’s Voices Be Heard campaign, and improved rural community/game reserve relations in high poaching risk areas at the same time.
• You have helped lobby for better prosecutions & convictions as we engage political & social leaders to play a greater role in saving KZN’s vital rhino population, as well as grow strong, collaborative relationships with important national and international stakeholders.
• You have also helped to build a growing global youth movement calling for an end to rhino poaching and all forms of wildlife crime. This reached the ears of the Vietnamese government last year when 5 of our Youth Rhino Ambassadors presented the
#WorldYouthWildlifeDeclaration to Vietnamese officials in Hanoi.

The list of people to thank is long: Ranging from wonderful, extra-ordinary individuals, schools, churches and companies who contribute regularly – to major corporate businesses such as GoRhino & Mr Price Sport, who raise funds for our work through mutually beneficial brand-sharing agreements. Then there are the non-profit Trusts such as imake a Difference (New Zealand), the Jonny Lowe Memorial Trust and Wildlands: Without them, key anti-poaching initiatives such as ZAP-Wing would not exist.

A big Thank You too – to all those living overseas who donate via GivenGain .

We also have to thank the private game reserves and companies such as Barrows who donate their time, skills, services, space and equipment to Project Rhino, free of charge.

We cannot for a moment drop our guard, nor fail in our duty to support 32 KZN game reserves and their personnel on the front-line of the rhino poaching war.

All our efforts depend entirely on the support of generous donors. THANK YOU. In these tough economic times, your support means more than words can say. We can’t do it without you.
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Partners and Events/Campaigns pages for more information on Project Rhino’s key funding partners, fundraising campaigns & events.

If you would like to donate to Project Rhino’s work, please click here. You can choose what anti-poaching or community conservation effort you want to support.
For more details on how your funding support makes a critical difference, please contact us on

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