April 12, 2017

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Project Rhino K9 Unit

Project Rhino has launched a specialised wildlife crime dog unit to support KwaZulu-Natal game reserves; the Unit has already made a significant impact.



Project Rhino De-Horning Programme

Project Rhino is making a national and international call for funding to have approximately 200 rhino de-horned in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa over the next year. De-horning is seen as a temporary measure to prevent the killing of a rhino for its horn by poachers. It is an ongoing process, as the horn regrows after removal. 

Project Rhino KZN's flagship project is the Zululand Anti-Poaching Wing –  an aerial support program benefitting 26 game reserves in northern KZN. 

ZAP-Wing Pilot, Etienne Gerber is interviewed at Oshkosh Airshow 2013:

A plea from the children of southern Africa to stop killing our rhinos: 

A plea from the children of southern African to stop killing our rhinos (Vietnamese version):


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