Meet the Team

Project Rhino is managed by a small, passionate, team of conservationists, assisted on a project-by-project basis by anti-poaching & environmental specialists, educators, and volunteers.  

We meet frequently with our NGO members and Reserves to ensure that critical resources are allocated to areas where they are needed most.

(Click the photos for staff bios, where available)

Chris Galliers

Project Rhino Coordinator

Carlien Esterhuizen

Project Rhino Assistant

Francois du Toit

Management & Project Rhino Ambassador

Grant Fowlds

Rhino Art Manager, KwaZulu-Natal

Dave Pattle

Rhino Art Manager, Eastern Cape

Ian Waghorn

ZAP-Wing Pilot

Richard Mabanga

Rhino Art Facilitator, KZN

Jabulani Goqo

ZAP-Wing Hangar Assistant

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