To engage and create youth conservation leaders through education in wildlife conservation and protection strategies. We aimed to empower our delegates to become local, national and international Ambassadors for Wildlife Conservation and influence policy at local, state, national and international levels.


  1. Nurture understanding of and commitment to the values of conservation amongst the youth, particularly for rhino and other endangered species affected by illegal poaching and wildlife crime
  2. Educate tomorrow’s leaders on the growing problem of international wildlife crime and its threats to biodiversity and wider issues such as national security
  3. Gain youth perspectives on rhino poaching, wildlife crime, demand-reduction, and economic value of endangered species
  4. Connect young conservation leaders with current conservation, political, tribal and business leaders and foster knowledge-sharing between generations
  5. Provide tools to support the youth in the classroom and in their communities
  6. Develop an international network of concerned youth leaders
  7. Advance the World Youth Wildlife Declaration

The Summit’s Outcomes

  • To Sound: A world-wide call to action by the youth to save the rhino from extinction
  • To Send: Key ‘hearts and minds’ messages from the youth to African and international leaders
  • To Attract: National and international media and public attention of youth involvement
  • To Shape: Young leaders to become future global wildlife & conservation ambassadors
  • To Inspire and Instil: A compassionate concern for wildlife in the next generation responsible for protecting biodiversity
  • To Increase and Extend: Knowledge of rhino conservation, protection & anti-poaching initiatives
  • To Showcase: The vital conservation work of members, affiliates and partners of Project Rhino KZN


We, representing the Youth of the World, gathered at Centenary Centre in the symbolic Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park from the 21st – 23rd September 2014 as a call to action against rhino poaching and wildlife crime.

This Declaration is a result of 130 000 ‘hearts and minds’ messages already composed by young people participating in the international Rhino Art – Let the Children’s Voices Be Heard Campaign.

We, the Youth, are deeply disturbed by the worsening rhino poaching crisis, the exploitation of our natural heritage by organised criminal syndicates, and the subversion of our communities – all fed by human greed and deep-rooted corruption.

We demand that our voices be heard!

We do not want to be the generation that tell our grandchildren that we did nothing about it and so we call upon global leaders to join us in bringing the illegal trade in wildlife to an end.

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