World Youth Wildlife Summit

21 – 24 September 2019, Kruger National Park, South Africa

The World Youth Wildlife Summit will be a focused gathering of 150 young conservation leaders, aged 15-18 years, from the Southern African Development Community and beyond. Delegates, educators, and conservation leaders will be brought together at the iconic Kruger National Park, South Africa, to directly address the current wildlife-poaching crisis and develop the resolutions needed to stop wildlife crime.


To engage youth conservation leaders in wildlife conservation & protection strategies and empower delegates to become local, national and international Ambassadors for wildlife & conservation and influence policy at local, state, national and international levels.


  • To Empower…
    • Deepen the commitment to conservation amongst the youth, particularly for rhino and other endangered species
    • Enable youth to build and maintain a sustainable future for Wildlife and Biodiversity
  • To Engage…
    • Connect concerned youth with political, traditional, business and conservation leaders.
    • Connect stakeholders through collaborative global networks
    • Sign a World Youth Wildlife Declaration that is acknowledged by global bodies including the United Nations, IUCN and CITES
  • To Equip…
    • Provide toolkits, resources and support for the young leaders to use in their classrooms and communities
    • Develop social media platforms, facilitation and fundraising tools
  • To Educate…
    • Tomorrow’s leaders about the problems and issues around international wildlife crime, including an understanding of the social, economic and political impact.
    • Youth leaders to expose early youth (8 – 14) to educational and awareness campaigns

The World Youth Wildlife Summit builds on two successful summits initiated by Project Rhino and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation to showcase the passionate voices of the youth (see the promotional video created by Earth Touch for the 2014 summit below). The 2019 Summit will maintain a focus on rhino as an iconic species, but also broaden its emphasis to include other targeted terrestrial African animals, such as pangolin, lion and elephant.

The platform provides a forum for youth to engage with conservation experts and experience African wildlife first hand. Delegates are educated and challenged to work together to directly address the current threats of wildlife crime and to develop possible solutions to the problems identified. Delegates will be limited to 150 persons (excluding chaperones) to ensure ease of discussion and the development of relationships.   

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